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Worst streaming app ever

Crashes ever few seconds, signal is awful. Just find a tv

This app is awful

It crashes after only a few seconds of video on any livestream. And you have to watch a 30 second ad every time you attempt to load back into the app.

Bad app

Cuts off all the time

Terrible App most of the Time

Terrible app for watching big games. Literally will consistently freeze and buffer while watching the game. App also will cut to commercial break upon restarting it and show you commercials while the actual game is on. Bad app, only thing that works is streaming the commercials..

Worst App Ever

Time to fired the people who programmed and designed this AP. Opens for 15 seconds and then crashes. There is so much info and photo it crashes. Incompetent. Time to fire every body and started all over. Find a company who can do your AP and your website. Who had the bright idea to pause a movie every 15 minutes? Fired this a-hole. If you are an advertiser do not waste your money on their AP and website


You guys NEED to enable chromecast streaming because you guys dont I dont have your app anymore

A few of my Favorite Things!

I love love love this app! I can watch all of my favorite TNT shows any time, anywhere. I dont have to fight for the tv remote!

Needs improvement

What can I say that hasnt already been said. Except that after all the bugs are fixed in the app it would be nice if it were Chromcast accessible also.

Horrible app

Video lags even when on a screaming fast internet connection. Sound wont sync up. Once you have the app, the website will block you from using the mobile site. Awful.

Good App

I love watching shows on my phone exactly when I want!

Awful-crashes constantly

Im writing this as Im waiting for the app to open after crashing for the 5th time. Ive made it through about 6 minutes of a show. It took me three hours to watch a 45 minute show this morning. Please get this fixed. This is ridiculous.


You cant watch games unless you already pay for cable, this isnt the 90s

Bs free overtime

Free overtime is a joke..... only free with provider lol if I could give zero stars I would.DONT DOWNLOAD!! Waste

This app is a joke

Watching basketball on here is nearly pointless. Its a solid 10 minutes behind and constantly speeds up and slows down over and over regardless of connection. Other apps stream fine. Im not sure why TNT cant have theirs do the same.

Are you kidding

It will not start. No way to tell if its good or bad. It will not start. It doesnt actually crash, except to say it crashes on the start up. Dont bother with this app.

Please fix.........

Please fix your app it will not work real bad

Giving Up

I like that a live stream of the network is offered, but it doesnt work consistently. The stream frequently gets the audio and video out of sync. Also, the picture often freezes or the quality goes bad. There are also problems with replying videos. Sometimes when a commercial break starts, the video just goes black and theres no way to restore it, even after resetting the app and searching back to the same point. I sent a message through the app and got no reply. Judging by this apps ratings, TNT clearly doesnt care about fixing the problems and Im done with trying to watch their programs. Its just not worth the trouble.


Never had any problems, love this app!!!

What year is it?

I do not understand how this app is yet to support Googles Chromecast. Its honestly a simple add in code. Shouldnt take no where near this long.

Good behavior.

Great show.

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