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Easy to use

I travel a lot but with my. Watch TNT app I can still catch all my favorite shows on the go. I love it!

Stops playing halfway through the show

Like the other reviewers, I appreciate that there is an app made, but its glitchy at best. Halfway through the show, the picture turns black and audio continues. Sometimes closing and restarting the app helps, but most of the time it doesnt. Ive had the app for about 2 weeks, and have yet to watch a show from start to finish without this happening.

Not easily navigated

Below was my original review after they updated the app the first time. Since then, the problems I was having having all been fixed! Im back to loving the app again. The freezes arent as bad as many make them out to be, nothing like when they made the first major change to the app, although still annoying. Needless to say, this is still my go-to app. I think "TNT app" more often than I do any other network app. For me, it was the first one used consistently and is the one I judge others on ("are they better than or worse than the TNT app?")! Some do get better grades. --------------- I downloaded the new app last night and started trying to use it this morning, but navigating in the new app is impossible! In the old app, I could move from viewing east to viewing west very easily. I could also stop a live viewing without having to go completely out of the app, and on and on I could go about that. The change is ok, except for that, as far as o can see.

One of the worst apps ever

TNT should be totally ashamed of itself for putting out one of the worst apps ever seen! Yep loads very slowly. Quality of its operation on sports like basketball is indescribably bad! App falls behind during the game and then goes to fast forward to catch up. The app freezes often. I will be deleting it! Its worthless! This is the worst app ever! After logging into the provider and just often freezes up and when it doesnt membership to the nearest play of the NBA game! Totally worthless

Commercials out of control

I get the need for commercials. But the same Verizon spot 4 times in a row?? Makes me hate Verizon.


App crashes EVERY TIME. Cannot load any content. Logins also do not work!

Good app.

Great app. Great quality! Doesnt crash! also has movies not just original shows! It does have a lot of commercials thats the only thing Id change.

The worst ever

No stars. I have gotten ten seconds of motion over three hours. Thats it. Start over TNT. The worst app on phones, and that is not an exaggeration.

Complete misguided advertising

This app is a complete joke and doesnt even work with a valid at&t account . Then they get all my Facebook information and still says error. This is the first time that even with two TVs providers absolutely profound . I am posting on all my accounts to let all my friends know . Thanks for nothing


Love "Good Behavior", hate the app I had to pay for to watch it that has 9 minutes of Verizon ads. Not right. Dont even like Verizon.

TNT app

Would be a fantastic app if it was able to connect to AppleTV or Chromecast

Please fix

App continues to crash. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It still crashes. Please read your reviews, many people are having this problem.

Good App

Its a real good app

Watching TNT

I like that I can watch TNT on my iPad especially when Im traveling. Sometimes I might have a glitch but that doesnt stop me what watching my favorite shows. Love it.

Dont bother

Do not waste your time downloading as this app will not even open. Others say the video becomes out of sync or error messages constantly occur. I was not lucky enough to get that far to confirm or refute those allegations.

No Casting Support

Does not support chromecast or roku. Whats the point of having an app without that???

Horrible-locks up at provider login for Verizon

Locks up and wont even let me put focus on login dialog when entering TV provider info for Verizon fios.

Great App, Love it!

I love that its easy to use.Great watching shows I Love on TNT! Very convenient.

TNT app is awesome!

Love the live streaming portion of the app, plus on demand access to my favorite TNT shows!

Worst app ever created.

Does not work. Just doesnt. 0/10

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