Watch TNT App revisa


Painful to use


Literally all it does is buffer. Doesn’t matter where I am or how strong the WiFi connection is. Literally one of the worst apps I have ever tried to use.

App crashes

The app always crashes in the middle of the live games. It says sorry we are having trouble playing your video. This happens no matter if I switch from east or west. I have restarted my phone, updated the app and even deleted the app and re downloaded it and still doesn’t help. And when the stupid 30 sec ad is annoying at the beginning when you log in.


So in short, I can’t use the app on my smart tv to play things through the app on the samsung tv. I instead have to have the app on my phone or iPad and play it through there and stream on to the tv. Asinine and wastes battery on either I’m using. The app constantly fails, doesn’t load the shows and shuts off when streaming. It’s junk, and if not for the NBA I would NOT use it.


This app is awful. Plays commercials during live events, skips, cuts out and then replays commercials again when you have to refresh it. Seriously a chore to watch any live event on here.

TNT is not with the times

This app absolutely needs Chromecast. No point in having an app that isn’t up to par with the market


This app has been garbage for years. No matter what platform I’ve used it on, it constantly freezes, crashes, logs me out, etc.

Does not work

Makes me want to break things

Terrible Streaming

Don’t bother watching NBA with this app. Stream stops and lags, poor bandwidth. I have gigabit internet so no problem on my end. Been waiting for TNT to upgrade their servers for years now, nothing. Really don’t expect them to being a network and not a streaming service. Back to watching bootleg streams online!

App restart

Regardless of my connection, data or WiFi, the video will stop streaming. Even when the picture quality is perfect, no lag, etc. It'll close the video due to "poor internet connection". Kinda impossible to enjoy watching basketball when you can't watch a minute of action uninterrupted.


I wish I could give it less then 1 star. Every time I go to log in it says please try again later. A week later, same problem. I’m just trying to watch some basketball and this crap happens. Fix and I’ll give it 3 stars. Maybe.

Makes no sense

Why do I need WiFi to watch a app any other app work perfectly fine but TNT wanna be different


This app is so glitchy. It crashed every time I’m trying to watch a game and it always crashes when I do screen mirroring with my Apple TV. Doesn’t happen with any other streaming apps, this app needs some major improvements. Please make compatible with iPhone X, it’s about time don’t you think? For such a big company like TNT, you’d think this would be done by now.

The Worst!

I use a lot of apps to watch programming, so I know if a app works well. The TNT is garbage, never works well, and I have to watch the commercials over and over because I’m constantly restarting the app. Please fix it soon, basketball season was horrible to watch last season.

Signin Issues

I downloaded this app to watch the NBA because for whatever reason my TV at school wasn’t scanning TNT, but I have Apple TV and wanted to be able to watch it on a screen bigger than my laptop. While on my other streaming apps my directv sign in works flawlessly, every time I type in the exact same information and it says that I either have a wrong email or a wrong password. Obviously it’s the app and not directv, because my other apps wouldn’t be working. For that matter, on my laptop, I can sign in fine every time. So there needs to be some serious improvements made to the directv sign in process.

why try,

This is a very poor app. It contained no search features, You can be watching a movie in the morning, and when you return to finish the movie in the afternoon it is gone. There is limited available films and content. When you do watch a movie the ratio to watch time and Commercials is so high the continuity of the movie is gone. I think I will find my entertainment somewhere else. TNT Is not a very good source of streaming entertainment.

UEFA Replays on Apple TV app are unwatchable

Live replays constantly buffer, stop working, or freeze. It happens so often it renders that feature unusable.

Championship league

Why do you only have the UEFA matches from a month ago uploaded to on-demand but not the ones from last week yet??? Being lazy, don’t care, or just not big on sports? This was never a problem with ESPN or Fox sports apps when they had the UEFA championship league rights!

Can we get support for iPhone X display, please?

TBS and TNT deserve the best treatment.


You need to fix this app. You watch and it bring us the red circle then said we are having trouble playing this video you really need to fix. Because you have a dead line to watch the episode to your favorite show.

Great App! Great entertainment experience

I love this app. I got the subscription through my tv provider and I am enjoying all the movies they put up.

Needs some bug fixes and better user interface

Love that I can access shows and movies on my Apple TV but there needs to be a section available that keeps your watchlist. It’s a pain to have to go and search every time for the last movie you watched or show. The interface is also super slow to respond. Also, if you pause anything, it will keep the pause screen up until you direct the remote up or down as it plays.

Idiotic Decision Making

Seemingly arbitrary and very limited access to on demand programming. I keep trying to watch their original shows, but how do you idiots running the network expect anybody to attempt to do that when you only serve up, say, episodes 6 through 10 of season 2 with nothing before or after of a 3 season run??? That’s like saying how would like to watch this football game, oh, but you can only watch the first 10 minutes of the third quarter and nothing before OR after that ... enjoy. Dumb dumb dumb!

Works fine

Have only been using this a short while but it works fine for me on a 2017 iPad. Recommended!


Need more shows however

Great content!

Loving the TNT app, especially since they started showing UEFA Champions League soccer!! Now I can watch it anywhere live on my phone!!


All it does is load. Try to watch the champions league and can’t. Joke network how did they get this!?

Good app.

I love this show. The only thing that I don’t like is the lack of ability to go back and watch prior earlier episodes. I recently started watching this show and I would love to go back to the beginning of this series.

Like this app alot

So far so good. No problems, but your catalog of movies and programs seem to be limited. I’d like Keaton’s begin from the first episodes of programs instead of jumping in midstream other than this it’s an excellent app.

Doesn’t make sense

How come the app always states “The program is not available in your area. Please check your local listings” yet if I change to TNT on my TV the game is playing right there? Something doesn’t add up here

The worst

The worst. Sooooo slow doesn’t work.

Don’t work

Doesn’t work at all. Fix it

I love it

Is what I watch most of the time

Good App

Worth getting

No more original LAW AND ORDER

I have enjoyed watching those original Law and Order episodes in the App. However, after coming back from vacation, I can’t find them any more. Please give back my original episodes of Law and Order. Thanks!

Love it!

Yes! Yes! Yassssssss!


Said I could watch an episode on the App, so I downloaded it. Then the episode didn’t play. Removed the app.


Love this app work great w my iPad and Roku. I just miss you offered more movies!

Stopped working

Used to work fine, after the last update stopped working and can’t be deletes or updated.

Does not really work for Apple TV

Doesn’t really work for both my phone and Apple TV and even my iPad


Love my TNT app. Just wish the episodes were open to view longer. I’ve missed some of Claws and hope I don’t have to buy or wait for re-runs.

The Last Ship

I log into to the app and go to The Last Ship. I can watch previous episodes fine. Now with the start of Season 5 I can watch the first episode fine. When comes to watching the second and third episodes I am not allowed to view the content. I contacted my TV provider and there is nothing wrong with my acct. I have deleted and downloaded the app again with same reason of not allowed to view the content. Not very happy.

All fun and games till you can’t watch anything else

Like any greedy television network they can’t just be happy with 15 mins of commercials while streaming, no..... they have to lure you in with the first episode, then require you to login, or no more TV shows!!!! Deleting immediately!!

No support for non cable subscribers

No streaming options for non cable subscribers.

Terribly outdated

It’s been over one year since the release of the new iPhone style and still no update to the interface and the video size?! Lazy.

Champions League!!

I wish the replays didnt take so long to upload but it awesome being able to see most of the champions league matches.

Great App

Has a great selection of movies

Review TNT App

Love this app I have no problem streaming to my phone or tablet

5 Star

Excellent app for people on the go!!!!

Champions league

How can we watch a game other than the one you guys chose for us ? For example there 8 games playing at the same time and my happened to be now the one you guys chose how can I watch my that game ? FS1 gave an option on choosing which game ... you guys should too !!!

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