Watch TNT App revisa


Painful to use


The Apple TV app is fine when it actually works, but more often than not the picture freezes while the sound continues on without it. Usually I have to close out of the app and reopen to remedy the problem- I have tried letting it sit there with the picture frozen and the audio going on to see if it would eventually catch up with itself but usually it doesn’t, the screensaver on the Apple TV just comes on eventually.

Love life

I love TNT programs especially "Bad Behavior " and this app is great!


The only thing I could ask for is more episodes of Law and Order. And notifications when new episodes of favorite show become available on the app

Way to many commercials

Commercials on this app are ridiculous, every 10 to 15 minutes you get 2-3 minutes of commercials.

Screen Mirror

The app is overall decent. Screen Mirror not working properly. I was expecting to see exactly what I see on my phone on be Apple TV but instead it goes into the black loading screen. I travel so I need to be able to screen mirror with no WiFi.

Good selection, but too many commercials

I like the access to the content, but too many commercials. 3 minutes for every 15-20 minutes of programming. I realize the need for revenue, but it’s very frustrating.

Good App, but...

I wish the app would allow streaming w/o a major cable provider. App runs great on my iPad and mirrors really well to my TV via Apple TV, but our cable provider “hinders” broadcast at times.


Crashed 6 times in less than 15 minutes. Come on!


The only thing that disappoints me about this app is the commercials. The only way to watch on this app is to pay for some sort of cable/satellite provider, so is there commercials on the app? That is why I only gave it 3 stars!

Better than other network apps

I love the flexibility of watching shows when I have the time. I have not had any trouble using this app as others have reported - which I too have experienced on some network apps.


Has anybody at TNT cast to the tv on this app? The commercials are louder than the movies but then the google advertisement comes on and is so loud it crazy stupid. I laughed at first thinking it was a joke, but it does it all the time! Still have issues with it dropping the “cast to”.

Bad connectivity

I use my Chromecast for almost everything. But almost everytime I try to stream a live NBA game, the stopping, the glitches, and the kicking me off the app entirely is getting WAY OUT OF HAND. This has been an issue for quite some time. PLEASE fix this!

Buffers 95% of the time

Never seen an app worse at casting to Chromecast than THAT! Ridiculous.

Freezes up

I like the access but it constantly freezes or says it has trouble loading content. If I’m watching something I’m better off letting it play, if i try to pause it everything gets screwed up.


The app freezes a lot and jump bac and fourth from east to west but it got good shows need better Movies

Great app

I love the movies selection and the trioligys I do believe it should be left for a bit more longer tho some the movies that are long is not so watchable

Audio needs serious normalization

Not a terrible app, but the audio during commercials is blazing loud. Fix that; seriously


Nothing like leaning back in my easy chair watching shows at MY pace!!!

Super loud commercials

Be prepared for crazy loud commercials. Some are 2 -3x as loud as the program you are watching.


I enjoy watching TNT. Get great service. Streaming works great. They always have multiple movies out like to watch.

Worst Apple TV app I own

Constantly crashes and signs me out. Useless when forwarded from the TV App, I have to back out to the main menu to get any content to load. Garbage plus repetitive ads every few minutes.

Seems much improved

I used to have more trouble with it working but tried it again recently and it is much better now. Still pauses a lot at times but that could just be my less than stellar wifi.

Great App

I don’t care about what everybody else saids...I LOVE IT

This app is horrible!

1. It works half the time 2. The Google commercial is so much louder than the shows on my chrome cast, to the point wish I bought a fire stick! 3. The shows turn off after 30 minutes!

I absolutely love this app

It is commercial free. The picture quality is phenomenal and it keeps track of where u left off in the last thing you were watching. Simply amazing.

No support for Directv Now! Please update!

You work with Directv and Directv Puerto Rico, but NOT Directv Now. Time to update your licensing agreements TNT. You are behind your competitors.

Mostly good

Some errors but love the old Law and Order episodes

Not very stable

I have trouble streaming this app on Apple TV. It will not stream in the middle of a show and continually drops or crashes which is quite frustrating. Overall this is not a very stable app and TNT has favorable programming in my household. The APP performs superbly on Amazon Firestick just not Apple TV. I keep thinking the problems will be corrected with new updates but to no avail.

No Closed Captions when chromecasting

There is no way to turn on closed captioning when casting to a chromecast. We had to switch to the amazon Fire Stick and watch it through that app. I would have preferred to watch it through my chromecast though as the app on the fire stick is buggy and closes out. My daughter is deaf and wears cochlear implants, we are trying to watch Star Wars before the new movie comes out, so there’s a lot of disappointment because we have to watch it on the Firestick instead and that version of the app freezes and closes out to the main screen during ads.

Crashing Perfected

I would love to say the issue was with my internet, or my tablet. Those I could work on and fix. However, this app has severe problems live streaming. I watch constantly on Twitch and ESPN, both live streaming and never have any trouble. TNT can't decide whether to crash or skip around with unbelievable blurry content. All the negative reviews seem to be about live streaming. Obviously there is an issue. But don't worry they respond to each negative review with the same cliche response that they will look at the issue.

Commercials are double the volume

Commercials are double the volume. It’s deliberate.

Crappiest app EVER!

This app jumps, stalls, and freezes all the time. Can't even watch to one commercial without it freezing, and my internet is fast... so that isn't it. Other channels apps all work great, so it's definitely the app. Watch it elsewhere. Not worth the frustration!

No video playback via WiFi

Even with WiFi connection established, the latest update to the app tells me that I need to turn on cellular data in order to stream video.

App works only on phone

The app works fine on my phone, but won’t cooperate with my Roku. It freezes about one minute into a show (if it even makes it that far), so I’m stuck watching TV on a tiny screen. I was so excited to see the TNT app available, but it’s only half usable. Once Major Crimes is over, the app will be gone.

Wish My Carrier (DirecTV Now) Worked With This App

From what I see of the app I like it and the bits that I am able to stream seem to work well. Just can’t use it to its full potential due to it not working with DirecTV Now, even though it works with DirecTV and DirecTV Puerto Rico... Look forward to updating my review when I can see what it can really do.

Major Crimes

Best way to watch my favorite show

Love this app!

Great app! I can watch my favorite shows when not at home on the iPad or at home anytime on Apple TV

Love TNT

I am a TNT fan! Love the day line up and the night. I regularly use the APP to watch my shows from the previous night that are later in the evening.

Tnt app

I love it... Wish it were more available like on Apple TV or some vizeo products but I love it

Good so far

Been watching just a couple days but working pretty well. Stalls to buffer now and then but no more than anything else streaming. Ads are there but not too annoying. I like how each ad segment gets shorter.

Love the App

Since I cut the cord, I'm glad I can still enjoy my shows! Please don't take it away!

Now works with TWC/Spectrum

(Updated 11/27/17): i was informed that TNT now works with Spectrum/TWC, so I reinstalled it on my ipad and it works great. Thank you!

App is very helpful

It allows me to watch one of my favorite shows, Good Behavior. Without the app I wouldn't see this show. I don't have a tv. It works well

Crashes and doesn’t stream

This app constantly freezes, crashes, and refuses to stream or AirPlay anything? Please fix!

Good Behavior S2 E7 - link not working

There’s a problem with the link to the latest episode of the show Good Behavior on this app. Please address this issue asap

Easy to use and very convenient

I love the the TNT app! It’s very convenient & easy to use when I want access to my favorite shows like Good Behavior and Major Crimes. I don’t know about the problems others have spoke of with freezing, jumping and sound issues. For I’ve never encountered any issues that I recall. I recommend this app to anyone that wishes to keep up on their favorite TNT shows!



It's an ok app.

I love the shows that are included, so that's a plus. But there are a lot of ads and there are occasional skips and audio losses. Sometimes the screen freezes while the audio continues, that's annoying. But, overall, I like the app and will continue to watch.

Sudden drop offs

On newer model tablets, the app works good, with occasionally the app crashes. But if you use an older model iPad (Ihave a second gen. ipad) the crashes are every 5 - 10 minutes of viewing time.

Works great on the new IPhone 8

It seems since I got this new phone all the apps are glitchy, freeze, and shut down unexpectedly. So I guess their developers are on it, because this is one app that I have had no problems with! It works great, easy to find what your looking for, and streams fast! Happy camper here.

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