Watch TNT App revisa


Painful to use

Why can't I stream via Chromecast?

Really enjoyed using the app at first, but ever since the recent update it's lagged a lot and sometimes won't even load. I have to reset my phone at times just for it to work. Also won’t cast on my google Chromecast ultra which is odd considering I was able to do it beforehand.


Amazing app, I use it to watch the NBA and it works flawlessly, but im still waiting on that iphone X update. The screen is just too small.

Logs out all the time

Every time I go to watch something on this app, I have to log back in. Same with their app for Apple TV and fire stick. That alone gives it a 1 Star.

Doesn’t let me sign in

After signing into my tv provider it just returns to pick a tv provider. Endless loop!

No more Chromecast

Chromecast support dropped, app is basically useless now


If I wanted to watch ads, I’d watch on tv. I was hoping the app would be a better experience, but no.

Zero stars if I could rate such!

This app is the WORST out of any TV network on demand viewing app!!! It crashes at least 20-30 times trying to get through one Alienist episode. It got so bad today, literally crashing every 15 seconds to 1 minute after relaunching. I have now had to relaunch it 24 times in 30 minutes!!! Complete garbage!!!

Still not working

Latest “bug fix” on 3/16/2018 loaded and this is the only network app that won’t let me log in with my consolidated communications login, still. Enter my data and app just cycles back to the start as though I’ve done nothing. Seems like such an easy thing to correct and yet I’m still waiting.

Don’t expect it to work (most of the time)

Login issues for months at a time sync of picture and voice off most of the time and lots of commercials. Also some of the rudest customer service techs closing ticket before the issues is fixed and always telling you just reload the App, so in other words very big issues with developers and how the treat people and how well there product works. Don’t waste your time. By the way anything over 2star rating must be there own employees.


Have to sign in for full access every time I open the app.

Overall Enjoyable

I prefer to cut my budget lower by having only basic cable. Which means I miss a lot of channels. This app is one of the few that allows me to watch movies and a few shows (mainly I watch The Alienist which I recommend). There are small glitches now and then, but it quickly fixes itself. Overall I think it’s a great app because it’s usable, has good content (could use more shows like Major Crimes reruns), and it even plays live tv for non cable subscribers which I like.

Works great!

Easy to use

100mbs and this app just crashes and freezes on the iPhone X

Horrible app fix all the bugs

Hate this!

This app always has issues. Either we have a black screen and just audio or it will seize after starting. You can do better! Oh and don’t try to pause it on your AppleTV it will never finish playing but will return to the beginning of the show. Crazy! You can do better!

Poor App

I use this app on my iPad. App drops me from the show I'm trying to watch fairly frequently sending me back to my home page and making me reload it several times. Needs a lot of work.

Subtitles/closed captions need help

Great app , video player is great , but the subtitles in the closed captioning is filled with incomplete words and misspelled ones .

The Alienist

This show is so wonderfully complex that I’m glad I can rewatch it on here to see what I’ve missed the first time through.

Donna Reed

I love TNT I get to watch all my favorites Charmed and So many more.

Wink’s iPad

Nicely structured, but have had many annoying problems like “Sorry we are have difficulty playing this video”. About half the time, I end up using a different source to view the programs.


I enjoy this app. Good shows and movies:)

iPhone X support

TNT shows they are lazy to not support iPhone X.


Nice to see the shows on demand on my own but too many commercials

Worst streaming app ever!

So tired of watching NBA games and having it freeze up on my iPad Pro.

Miserable to use

Possibly the absolute worst streaming app of any major TV company. Horribly long adds anytime you even switch out of app for a second. Poor connection and also misses alot of the action saying "your broadcast will resume shortly" when the game is already back on. Rather light myself on fire than use this garbage

CC Doesn’t work!

Close captioning only works when watching on my iPhone but when I Chromecast it to my TV it doesn’t work. It doesn’t even have an option for you to turn it on. I don’t have this problem with any of my other TV apps.

Love the alienist

Great show , like that I can watch on the go

Great way to binge

Great app with great shows. Love the alienist!

Does not work well often

When it works it is fine, but more often than not the app is either having trouble playing video or not casting to my Chromecast. There are constant issues when I finally get it to cast, such as dropping the feed and making me reconnect. Watching a basketball game is not enjoyable this way.

Needs work.

The live stream freezes, pixels, and skips

I-Pad user...

I’ve read many reviews on this app before using and, while all apps have their shortcomings on one device or another, it works flawlessly on my IPad. The necessity for the extent of the commercials within ALL programs I have viewed to date is certainly contrary to one of the premises that individual video apps should be aspiring towards but, I suppose, the marketplace and it’s costs dictate such...don’t they? Or is this company simply trying to garner profit at every possible quarter without regard to building allegiances with their patron? The world of modern entertainment is rife with such profit vs duty to consumer questions. The company who finds, builds and delivers content withOUT the interruptions during the delivery/viewing will be the company who ultimately wins loyalty in their users. But surely the directors of such media stalwarts know that, right? Or is it simply about securing an ever increasing profitability and stock value? As I said, so many questions in simple delivery of something so simple these days...

Apps doesn’t work

I’m so dissatisfied with this app. After putting in info and being transferred to ATT to put in more info all I get are commercials to buy more - no shows. Upset with TNT and Direct TV. Both misleading.

Cialas commercial

Great app works well on all my devices but the cialas commercial is way to loud I mean it is on blast. Please turn it down no need for that level of volume.

What good are you

What good is having an app if you have to have cable to use it. It should be able to be watched over WiFi

Nice app but needs back catalogue

I’ve been using the app for the past several weeks and have enjoyed it so far. Haven’t had any problems with streaming on my iPhone 6+ (I do have 300mb with 5G wifi). I agree with the repetitiveness of the same 6-7 commercials, but it would be worth it if I had access to the back catalogue of shows & seasons. Why would I be interested in watching The Last Ship, for example, if I cannot start at the first season? It is highly annoying to jump into the middle of a good series and not be able to start from the beginning season. TNT has invested too much into great writing and production of its series not to proudly put them all on display, cancelled series included. Please consider this, or at least disclose why they cannot be shown. It was the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place instead of streaming through my provider.

Terrible app

This is the first review of an app I’ve ever written, but this app is so god awful I was compelled to get on here and do this. This app can’t go 5 minutes without crashing, and that’s only if the feed works in the first place. The ONLY reason I use it is to watch nba games, which is tortuous because you never know if the app will work (spoiler, it won’t). I’d rather they didn’t broadcast games, because I’d rather not watch than use this app. Not to mention every time I use it, which is as rarely as possible, I have to sign in AGAIN through my phone. Can you please just one time for me remember my info so I don’t have to do this. I literally saved the tntdrama activation website on my phone because I have to go there so often. And even after doing for for the 500th time, the stupid “preview remaining” and “click to login” links remain on the screen. This entire app needs to be scrapped and started over again from scratch. Same goes for the tbs app, but thank god I only have to use that for two weeks a year.

So far, so good!

have had this app only a week or so and i'm really enjoying it. downloaded it to binge "the alienist"! i'm not experienced any skipping or freezing and i love the extras i have access to...thanks!!

Most annoying app

Honestly, I hate when the NBA plays games on TNT! I feel like I am watching more commercials than the actual game. It constantly freezes and jumps around. The audio randomly goes out. Sometimes it even jumps back and plays the same thing it just played. It's really disappointing!

Great App

Great App. Always Works #NbaPrimetime

It’s ok...

I can watch shows and haven’t had any crashing issues like other reviews mention. The app just needs a few tweaks: When using the app chrome cast, there should be a “now playing” area so that I don’t have to go back in to shows, select the show, and then select the episode so that I can rewind, fast forward, or adjust the volume (my tv remote went missing a long time ago...). Agree with comments about remembering last watched as well as the option to start the next episode at the end instead of going through the process mentioned above. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CIALIS COMMERCIAL!!!! IT IS SHOUTING AT ME (similar to when something is typed in all caps) AND I AM A 34 Y/O FEMALE WHO DOESNT WANT MY TV YELLING AT ME ABOUT ERECTIONS. I’ll revise my review when these updates are implemented.

Useless App

Won't stream content at all. So frustrating.

Overall, great - just one ad that is the loudest thing I have ever heard come out of my iPad

Great app, just one Cialis ad that plays all the time twice as loud as any other ad. Literally louder than I have ever heard my iPad get - would almost be impressive if it wasn't so frustrating. Otherwise, great.

So frustrating

Every time I try and watch anything this app freezes and closes within the first 5 mins. I have deleted the app and reloaded it to see if anything changes, nothing does. There's never an update to "fix the bugs". Get with it TNT

Doesn't work

After logging in to all that garbage watched a few mins of show then it shut off saying not subscribed when we most certainly are. Thanks for NOTHING

A few bugs

I try to turn the closed caption off and it continues. Also if it pauses, you have to back out of program you are watching and restart.

No acces through Directv Now

Paying for TNT and TBS VOD through Directv Now and can’t authenticate and view current episodes with Directv Now.

Closed Caption Always On

While I enjoy streaming my shows, always being forced to read, often incorrect, closed captioning is a strong deterrent. Please review and take the appropriate actions.

Can’t watch the game

I’ve been trying to stream the Basketball game and it leaves me in an endless loading. I’ve also try closing the app and restarting it, continues to not stream the game!


😂 the programmers did good. Good job programmers.


This app ain’t working on my iPhone X fix that and give up iPhone X support (Full Screen)

It used to be good

I used to be able to watch a basketball game. But now I can’t because it takes forever to load. So I signed out of the account. Now I’m trying to sign into my optimum provider and I can’t.

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