Watch TNT App revisa


Painful to use

Response to TNT app

I had a few interruptions with freezing while watching shows on Demand other than that it’s great I can either watch on my phone or chromcast app

Needs Improvements

First off, the TNT app does not let you fast forward or rewind when you are streaming a show, all other show apps that I have used let you fast forward or rewind on it. I am not watching the show live I am watching it a day after it has aired on my Apple TV. Second of all, can you check the streaming for: “Animal Kingdom Season 3, episode 8, the sound and the video are about 15 seconds off and it keep glitching while I watch on my Apple TV. It is NOT the Apple TV as all other apps and shows are streaming correctly. I have quit the app and restarted it and done other troubleshooting but it continues to mess up. Please look into your app and create a better product.


A bit too many commercial breaks. The app signs off after a few days, so be sure to remember your password.


Binge watch my TNT shows via the TNT app. App works exceptionally well. Love the way the expire notice is readily available.

I think I’m in love!

Awesome app it works awesome on my phone! And I can watch my favorite show Claws!


I wish I didn’t have to connect to WiFi all the time to see the shows

iPhone X

The app needs a UI update for the iPhone X display.


Keeps stopping, on my iphone & ipad


This ap is always crashing.

Never seems to work

Never seems to be working and when it does the screen freezes often


I LOVE this APP! I watch it on my iPad Pro and it is flawless! Thank-you TNT!


App tends to just shut off here and there which can be frustrating. Also, I wish that there were entire seasons of most of the shows, not just a select few. Besides that, it's ok.

Will not stream to Apple or FireStick

Great to watch on your 2 screen of phone or iPad but will not successfully connect to Apple TV or amazon FireStick. Shows connected on screen, mirrors all by the show you want to see. Just spinning disc crap. Specifically claws and animal kingdom. Other shows will stream?! Connects perfectly to my Roku tv What is the problem tnt???!?!?!!!

No CC on chromecast

I really wish they would fix this issue. There’s no closed captioning when app is connected to chromecast. It also crashed on me 4 times while watching a show. I had to keep restarting the show and finding my place.


The application barely works and makes you sign in to your cable provider every time you use it. Also takes 15 minutes plus just to get you access to your cable provider information. Trash.

Mr Nesbitt

It is a good app. I like using it because I drive a simi cross country but the only problems is that you have to resign in every time you youse it that meens that u have to put your username and password in every time that is what is rong with the app fix that then it will be a good app to use. Other then that I like it

TNT on my iPad works great for me

So for my living situation this app works perfect for me. I have many people in my household we have TNT on our cable so it is easy to login to the app and be able to watch on my iPad in the privacy of my room and not be bothered. TNT has great sports NBA basketball NCAA tournament and great new programs. I got hooked on Animal Kingdom series and have watched all the episodes. Although, I would say it would be better if you could watch older series of the shows on TNT on the app. To get caught up on Animal Kingdom I had to watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video because they weren’t offered in the app. TNT app also has great variety of movies which was a pleasant surprise.


The app is a good app but sometimes it just shows me only 5 minutes of the show I want to watch

So mad !

**update : 7/12/18 problem fixed, thank you TNT ! I can only edit my reviews not add new one. But as of today would give 4 stars**** 😊 So now July 11,2018 TNT no longer works on iPhone, iPad or kindle to watch live tv shows. Both east & west I was able to watch no problem before. Now a message for both east & west pod up "not available in my area, check my local listings". I live in the east, haven't moved, have the same cable & cell company for years. So obviously this a TNT app issue !! Please fix !!!!! I love watching Supernatural, Arrow and movies on both the iPhone app & Kindle app. What at one time worked great barely works at all now. Please fix !!!!!

Love the app

Watching my shows on my phone without any issues. I like how easy the set up is as well, easy to find shows.

Connectivity is horrible

It connected once to my Samsung tv and never again. Smh

Won’t Play Anything

i signed in with my provider and started to watch Claws. after 10 minutes of loading it started playing but it was only sound and didn’t have any picture playing i cleared the app 3 times then it crashed on me and never worked...


Have this on my Apple TV, the app will play for an hour or so and then a “we are having trouble playing this title right now” message pops up and it exits the show. Annoying.

Love shows Claws and Animal Kingdom so of course I love an app that allows me to watch on my iPad!

Good app!


Not a review of the app, just the content of the app. Movies on TNT have become unwatchable due to frequent, lengthy commercial breaks. Many of those commercials are played at a louder volume than the movie. I pay to get cable to get TNT for loud commercials? You guys are killing yourselves

Working just fine

I’m in the hospital with my son the app is fine.i have tnt at my finger tips great for law and order fans or just a fan of tnt television series

Works well

Enjoying the app. No problems streaming. The only dislike is the 2 minutes of ads during the episodes. Other than that, so far so good. Enjoy!

Trouble logging in

Is it just me having trouble logging in & loading.

Only if you give

So if you give me my credits for downloading your app I will rate 5 but for now it’s a 1!


Very slow and no fast forward or rewind


So far I've experienced zero issues with this app, so I'm as happy as a clam! Love, love, LLOOVVEE that I can watch "CLAWS" anytime, anywhere.

Very good app

No freezing or constant buffering

Enjoy catching shows I miss

I have thoroughly enjoyed this app!!! It works great on my iPad and I get t catch up on my shows when I have MY time on my schedule!!! 😀


So far so good

Love it

Works well, updates movies and shows frequently enough so it doesn’t get stale. Would recommend 5/5.

Please update the shows!

Where’s the rest of the episodes!! Can’t even finish the last few because they are not on yet. I love the app and all but please give us more of the episodes as they come to you.

Great app

TNT is part of my morning. I grab my coffee and then watch Law and Order before heading to work. Sometimes it does freeze but I am hoping the bugs will be worked out.

Closed Caption

I am pleasantly surprised by the line up but can’t find a way to put on the closed captioning??


So far so good. I haven’t had any issues

Bad streaming

App constantly errs out during live streaming

Fair app

Works most of the time. It does not keep your provider info sign in all the time

Too many of the SAME commercials

I enjoy the programs; I expect the commercials; I don't even mind 6 in a row. I just don't like when the SAME commercial runs 3 times in a row in the same commercial slot. Give me 6 DIFFERENT commercials please.

Need more good episodes for shows

You have a lot of good shows but not enough episodes for them.

Works great!

Love being able to watch tv outside

Could be better...

I downloaded the app primarily to watch Law & Order, and I wish there were more episodes available. There are also episodes that fail to play. And I get kicked out of the app at least every other day. My WiFi is not the problem and I have a brand new computer...arg!! I do like the variety of movies available and The Alienist was excellent! Maybe just some bug fixes needed? And lots more. Law & Order episodes!


No complaints


Awesome !

I just love it

Episodes are available in a timely manner. I have not had any issues with the app.

App rating

Loving every minute of this app! The best so far

Great Selection of Shows & Movies, Wish Had Better Controls

Great selection of shows & movies. Just wish they had better playback controls

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